Conservatives slam Trudeau for failing to condemn Hamas in Gaza Strip violence

Andrew Scheer

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Wednesday, commenting on the recent clashes between residents of the Gaza Strip and the Israel Defence Forces, slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for ignoring the role of Hamas in inciting these clashes.

In a statement, Scheer said: “The clashes in the Gaza Strip have resulted in the loss of dozens of lives, and injuries to many more. Among those injured is a Canadian citizen, Dr. Tarek Loubani. We hope for his quick recovery, and wish to see the circumstances of his injury investigated promptly and fully. Canada’s Conservatives are saddened by the loss of lives in this conflict, knowing well that many have been led into this situation by Hamas – a terrorist organization that places no value on human life.

“In condemning the Israeli forces, Justin Trudeau ignores the role that the terrorist organization Hamas has played in inciting these clashes. In responding to these events with nothing but criticism of Israel, Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians on the international stage once again.

“Reports have indicated that armed members of Hamas’ security forces were among those who have attempted to breach the Israeli border, and were among those killed in clashes with the IDF. Hamas’ actions are sadly typical of an organization with a well-documented record of carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Israel and brutally repressing dissent among the people they govern.

“We also call on Israel to take every possible precaution to ensure that unarmed people are not harmed as Israeli soldiers exercise Israel’s right to defend its borders.”


  1. Time for Trudeau to be voted out!!! All he’s EVER done is kissed every minority groups’ ass, and has NEVER had an original thought leave his ignorant face!! Chretien and other old-guard Liberals HAVE TO BE behind this sorry excuse for a Prime Minister.

  2. I guess Andrew doesn’t believe in International law. The Palestinian protesters were unarmed and not near the fence. The IDF butchered women and children and even shot a Canadian Doctor and injured 17 other medical personal who were all identified as medics. Imagine if Canadian soldiers did this to protesters in Canada. The crap would hit the fan.

    • I guess you never saw all the videos of Hamas forces and Palestinians attacking Israeli forces with guns, molotov cocktails, rocks etc.

    • Hamas has confirmed, as reported by numerous media outlets, that 50 of the 62 people killed were members of Hamas.

  3. I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau but I must say that Israel,being the super power should show restraint.It seems all Conservatives kiss up to the Isrealities no matter what they do.A wrong is a wrong,a death is a death.

  4. Molitov cocktails and grenades certainly qualify as arms. This requires lethal force to defend against. Israel has a right to protect its borders. Well done Andrew Scheer for taking a stand against Hamas propaganda.

  5. Long time conservative here, but Andrew got it wrong here. Facts are out, many killed, including children were protesting peacefully. I get the vote bank but we need to stop playing politics on dead bodies.

  6. The Palestinians are 100 % at fault for all the deaths that are happening in the Gaza Strip. For years they have been telling the lie the Israel belongs to them. The Palestinians are the illegal occupiers.

  7. George,

    there are plenty of videos online that show that the terrorist supporters are rushing the border fence, damaging it and throwing Molotov Cocktails at soldiers attempting to defend the border. Palestinians are welcome to protest all they want. They don’t need to attack the fence in order to do so. In fact, they don’t need to do it anywhere near the fence. Gaza borders two countries: ask yourself why they are not protesting on the opposite end.


    When a group of terrorists rush you with the intent of causing bodily harm, a death is not a death. It is self-defense. Go online and listen to the words of the Palestinian leaders. Their (publicly) stated goal is to break through the fence, enter Jewish cities, and murder its civilians. This is not a protest. Nor is it new. Hamas has been at this for over a decade now. The threat is not theoretical. They have done this multiple times before.

    • Lol there’s only one country Israel with Arab second citizens. That’s reality. There ain’t two countries

  8. Andrew Scheer is right and John and Geoge are dead wrong. Hamas is provoking with whipped up civilians and putting them and children in harm’s way. Hamas must be called out for what it says it stands for–the complete eradication of Israel. Hamas rejects a two state solution. Thank you Andrew Scheer.

  9. Without Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, there would be no Hamas.
    The Israeli “rationale” that they are targeting Hamas members is “disingenuous”, and, what other country can seemingly be applauded by some, for making “due process” into a sniper, scope, and a bullet, for someone who is inside the Gaza prison, who has not crossed the border, who has not been arrested, who has not even been absolutely identified as ANY “criminal”, let alone someone who has been accused of a capital crime, been through any kind of judicial process, had anything like a fair trial… No, just this: an Israeli sniper sees a “target”(teenager, no problem, medic, no problem), maybe hundreds of metres inside Gaza, , aims, and shoots to kill…then, as a person dies, he yells out with glee! The fact that he might miss, or that the bullets may injure or kill others, no problem!

    It is, simply, state-sponsored murder, and, somehow, because it is Israeli, it is OK with you.

  10. Lohi, Israel could easily bomb or gun down all the protestors if their goal was to kill them. They don’t need specialized sniper units to do it. Israel has offered peace and land 5 times, and the Palestinian people refuse because they want the holy sites in Jerusalem. Holy sites that aren’t even mentioned in the Qur’an. They just want to destroy them so they can revel in their victory over Judaism, which Islam teaches them to abhor.

    • Skippy, I’m amazed by your knowledge about Islam and Quran.
      Israel the peaceful state is killing Palestinians in their part of land defined by 1967 UN law, but still the fault of the unarmed Palestinians to protest in their own land…
      BTW Jerusalem’s mosque is mentioned in the Quran and its the 3rd holiest mosque.

  11. Israel is a terrorist state. But no one cares becomes the USA supports them!
    Trudeau MUST take action against Israel for injuring a Canadian.

  12. No surprise that Canadians elected the Conservatives out by a huge majority. Evil Israel shot and killed a bunch of civilians throwing rocks. The fact that Conservatives think that Hamas should be condemn them instead of Israel is why we Canadians got rid of Stephen Harper and the Harper Government.

  13. Naivete is being blind to the fact that Conservatives are nothing but Zionist shills. Anyone who knows real history knows that the state of Israel was founded on terrorism, exists on terrorism and is based on terrorism. Numerous Israeli Prime-Ministers and government officials were members and even leaders of terrorist organizations and have stated they were proud to be terrorists. Conservatives, along with the naive, will never dare to face the true reality.

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