Burnaby Council approves use of $6,000,000 in Amenity Bonus Funds to design and construct childcare facilities

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan

AT its November 27 meeting, Burnaby City Council approved the use of $6,000,000 in Amenity Bonus Funds (money received from City building developers to use for creation of community amenities, at no cost to taxpayers) to undertake the detailed design and construction of four childcare facilities on Burnaby School District sites: Capitol Hill Elementary, Montecito Elementary, Cascade Heights Elementary and Stride Avenue Community School.
The project is a partnership between the City and Burnaby School District.
The approval follows the October completion of a detailed feasibility study that focused on identifying how best to provide additional, cost-effective, quality childcare spaces on school sites, in each quadrant of the City (Edmonds, Metrotown, Lougheed and Brentwood).
City staff have now issued a request for proposal, with the intent to begin detailed design as soon as possible. Site preparation work will take place in summer 2018, with the facilities to be built offsite and moved when ready.
“This is a significant commitment to meet the growing need for childcare in Burnaby,” said Mayor Derek Corrigan on Tuesday. “I know that these facilities will be welcomed by families throughout the City – and I’m very pleased that we’ll be able to construct them at no cost to taxpayers. We are also very proud of our partnership with the Burnaby School District, which has enabled the placement on school sites in the community.”
In addition to funding provided from the Community Benefit Bonus Policy, the City will pursue any funding that may be available through provincial programs, to cost-share the development of these facilities.
The next phase of this program – to select additional sites beyond the initial four – will begin when construction of these four facilities is under way.


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