Councillor Elford condemns Surrey Mayor’s flip-flopping, demands transparency on policing issue

“Her actions are not only undermining public trust but also jeopardizing the safety and well-being of our community”


SAFE Surrey Coalition Councillor Doug Elford said on Friday that in a stunning display of inconsistency and lack of transparency, Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke has once again flip-flopped on the crucial policing issue, raising serious concerns about her leadership and integrity.

Elford is calling out the Mayor for her contradictory statements and demanding transparency by urging her to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to provide the City staff with the full unredacted report.

During the Council meeting on May 1, Locke publicly stated that the City staff would be conducting a thorough feasibility study based on the Provincial report, which recommends the Surrey Police Service (SPS) over the RCMP. She emphasized the need for the report to be provided to Council before making any further statements.

However, Locke has since contradicted herself by taking to the media to express discontent with the Province’s decision and consistently claiming her support for keeping the RCMP.

Elford expressed deep disappointment and concern over Locke’s inconsistent stance on this critical matter. He said: “It is extremely disheartening to witness the mayor’s flip-flopping and lack of commitment to transparency. Her actions are not only undermining public trust but also jeopardizing the safety and well-being of our community.”

Adding to the growing list of questionable actions, on May 1, Locke showcased redacted pages from the Provincial report to the media, attempting to shape the narrative in her favor. Then, on May 9, during a Global BC news interview, she claimed that the City had not received an unredacted report from the Province.

Elford pointed out: “However, it is imperative to note that the redacted sections of the report contain sensitive security information from both the RCMP and the SPS. The intention behind the redactions is to prevent this crucial information from falling into the wrong hands such as criminal organizations, potentially compromising public safety.”

On May 11, during an interview with OMNI News, Locke went a step further by stating she will refuse to sign the NDA proposed by the Province, thereby denying City staff and Council access to the unredacted report, the very thing that Locke has opined on to the news media.

Elford, demanding transparency and accountability, emphasized the urgency of the situation. He added: “I call upon Mayor Locke to immediately sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and allow the City staff and Council to have the full unredacted report. Our staff must have access to all the relevant information to conduct a comprehensive and informed feasibility study.”

Elford, expressing his concerns about the mayor’s refusal to sign the NDA, questioned the motives behind her decision. He said: “It raises legitimate questions in my mind: Why is Mayor Locke refusing to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement? Is she afraid that once the councilors on her team read the unredacted report, they may reconsider their stance and support the Surrey Police Service? Transparency and open dialogue are essential in this process, and the mayor’s refusal to provide access to critical information is troubling.”

Elford expressed concerns over the potential impact of Locke’s actions on the integrity of the feasibility study, which is crucial for making a sound decision on the future of policing in Surrey. He emphasized that the City staff are diligently working on the study, which is expected to take one to two months to complete. However, the Mayor’s contradictory statements and lack of transparency raise doubts about her commitment to an unbiased evaluation of the report.

Elford asserted: “The residents of Surrey deserve honesty, transparency, and sound decision-making. It is imperative that Mayor Locke stops playing politics and puts the best interests of our community first. We demand transparency and a commitment to the truth.”


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