Indecent acts in North Delta community parks

DELTA Police said on Tuesday that there have been two instances where a man, with a similar description, is alleged to have committed an indecent act in North Delta.

In the second instance, on January 31, a woman reported that an indecent act had occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. at North Delta Park.

The woman was sitting with her young daughter watching another child’s soccer practice. A man described as South Asian, approximately 30 years old with a slim build, black hair, and wearing a red hoodie, approached her. He was separated from the mother and child by a chain link fence, and proceeded to masturbate close by her.

The woman yelled out to alert people nearby, and the man ran off. Unfortunately, the woman did not have a cell phone on her, and there was a time delay of approximately two hours before police were notified. Police attended and patrolled the area, but did not find anyone matching the description of the suspect.

In another instance, which Delta Police advised the community of via social media, a teenage girl had come across a man with a similar description, masturbating in the park area adjacent to the George Mackie Public Library in the afternoon of January 23. In this instance there was also a time delay before police were contacted. Nonetheless, extensive patrols of the area were conducted.

“We want to advise the public that should anything similar happen to please call 9-1-1 right away if they, or anyone nearby, has access to a phone,” said Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police, on Tuesday. “This will allow police to quickly respond. 9-1-1 should be used in instances where people believe a crime is in progress.”

The investigation into both instances is ongoing. Anyone with further information is asked to contact Delta Police at 604-946-4411.