McCallum will eliminate parking meters around Surrey Memorial Hospital and parking fees in Surrey City Hall’s underground parking

Doug McCallum

SAFE Surrey Coalition mayoral candidate Doug McCallum announced on Thursday that he will eliminate parking meters on the streets around Surrey Memorial Hospital.

He said: “We strongly believe that people visiting their loved ones should not have to pay for parking.
“These are often very stressful times. Visitors shouldn’t have to worry about their parking meters running out – or worse yet worry about getting a ticket when they are bedside comforting a loved one.”

McCallum also announced that his Safe Surrey Coalition will eliminate parking fees in the underground parking lot at City Hall.
He noted: “The new Surrey City Hall cost almost 150 million dollars to build. It’s a Surrey First project that comes with marble walls and stone tile floors. It was paid for by you the taxpayer, it’s your ‘house.’ Why should you have to drive past empty parking stalls, reserved for staff, and then pay to park your own car? It makes no sense.”


  1. Totaly dum idea. How you going to stop whole day parking by skytrain riders or others?
    Just need to lower the rates to reasonable level. Why not reduce the hospital parking rates?

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