ONTARIO: Bombay Bhel bombing victims suing restaurant for alleged negligence

The suspects.
Peel Regional Police twitter

SIX victims of the May 24 explosion at Mississauga’s Bombay Bhel restaurant are each suing the restaurant owners for $1 million for alleged negligence.
In their civil suit they are alleging the owners ought to have known about the threat and should have taken steps to protect clients.
The claim filed in Ontario Superior Court states: “The plaintiffs state that the defendant . . . was wilfully, intentionally and or negligently blind to the real and actual threat of the bombing.”
The Toronto Star reported that two victims at a news conference on Tuesday walked in crutches from injuries the blast.

Photo: Peel Paramedics Twitter

The victims are being represented by Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers, who said that three of the 15 people injured suffered “critical blast injuries.”
The plaintiffs – Sonia Sheth, Porshia Mehta, Surjit Luthra, Parmeshvar Luthra, Arjun Luthra and Neelamjit Luthra – believe “the bombing was carried out by a rival faction in a ‘turf war’ between rival business associates.”
Darryl Singer with Diamond and Diamond told reporters at the news conference: “The police have refused to give them any details, and they are left in the dark. In addition to the physical injuries, the ongoing psychological injuries are even more traumatic.”
None of the allegations have been proved in court.
Peel Police have said the bombing was neither a terrorist act nor a hate crime.
As The VOICE reported in May, two separate birthday parties were taking place at the restaurant at approximately 10:30 p.m. on May 24 when an explosive device was set off inside. Children under age 10 were at the parties, but they were not injured. Fifteen people were injured and taken to three different hospitals. Three of those people were in critical condition and were later updated to stable condition.
Peel Regional Police Superintendent Rob Ryan told the media that one of the two suspects in the bombing could be a female. He said that this conclusion was reached after interviewing witnesses and scanning videos obtained from houses and cars. He noted that the suspects had gone to great extent to hide their identities.
Ryan said the improvised explosive device set off inside the restaurant appeared to be homemade. Police later confirmed to the CBC that the device contained nails. That would mean the suspects had aimed to cause maximum injuries.
Ryan said at the time that police do not have a clear motive as yet and nobody had claimed responsibility for the explosion. He said that if the suspects were caught they would face attempted murder charges besides others.
Ryan said the restaurant owners were cooperative and he didn’t know if there was anyone in the restaurant who was specifically targeted. All those who were in the restaurant at the time of the explosion were interviewed.