NDP reminds Premier Christy Clark about her “big spending” record

Premier Christy Clark

LATELY, Premier Christy Clark has spent a lot of time claiming she wants to “control spending.”
But the NDP says she might not remember the time her government pumped out 30+ spending announcements in one day, or the time she added $11 billion to BC’s debt in the four years after putting “debt-free BC” on the side of her campaign bus.
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of $17.3 billion in Clark election spending commitments:

* MSP: $850 million
* Site C: $8.8 billion+
* George Massey: $3.5 million+
* Tax giveaway for the rich: $1 billion
* Transit funding: $2.2 billion
* Government home loans: $700 million
* Tolls: $30 million
* Hydro PST for businesses: $160 million
* Self-promoting ads: $15 million
* Personal photographers: $1 million
* Private jets: $500,000