Safe Surrey Coalition will create permanent office of ethics commissioner at Surrey City Hall

Jack Hundial

THE Safe Surrey Coalition announced on Tuesday that it will create the office of a permanent ethics commissioner at Surrey City Hall to ensure transparency and fair treatment of all citizens.

Safe Surrey Coalition Council candidate Jack Hundial said: “The time has come for this, we all need to know that business at City Hall is conducted fairly and that everyone stays within the rules.”

When Hundial, a former Surrey RCMP Staff-Sergeant, joined the Safe Surrey Coalition earlier this month, he said: “As your Councillor, I will help the City develop a City of Surrey Ethics Commissioner and Ombudsperson. Through this initiative, citizens of Surrey can be sure that the Mayor, Council and senior staff are held accountable to the citizens when allegation of corruption and wrong-doing are identified.”

Doug McCallum

Doug McCallum, Safe Surrey Coalition’s mayoral candidate, said that he knows this is a step in the right direction. He added: “Good government comes from having a clear focus on priorities that are important to the citizens.”