Surrey RCMP: Report of shooting was disturbance associated to M80 fireworks (update)

SURREY RCMP informed The VOICE at approximately 11: 40 p.m. on Sunday that the sounds that were mistaken for shooting on Saturday night were caused by M80 fireworks.

M80s “are an American class of large powerful firecrackers, sometimes called salutes,” according to Wikipedia.

The VOICE reported on Saturday night that some residents of Surrey contacted us to say that there had been a shooting in the area of 56 Avenue and 120 Street and police were at the scene.

The VOICE was also informed that someone had made a report to police that shots were fired in the air from a vehicle outside someone’s house.

We contacted Surrey RCMP on Sunday morning and received this reply on Sunday night: “There was a disturbance in the area at 12100 block of 56th Avenue last evening at approximately 11 p.m.  The disturbance was associated to M80 Fireworks that were seized.  This event was not associated to a shooting.”



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