UBC associate professor Dr. Faisal Khosa bags UBC Radiology Department annual award

Dr. Faisal Khosa Photo submitted

DR. Faisal Khosa, associate professor, has won a UBC Radiology Department annual award.

The citation for Khosa, who has won a raft of awards from around the globe over the years, reads: “Dr. Khosa’s research, mentoring of minorities, and sustained advocacy have facilitated major gains for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the healthcare professions. His contributions to tackling exclusions, privilege and inequity have caused a paradigm shift in academic institutions.”

It adds: “The breadth of his work ranges across overlapping topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, ability and intersectionality as he continues to address the intractable social problems with painstaking fidelity.

“His scholarship, advocacy, relentless search for workable solutions, refusal to give up in the face of political and administrative complexity, and commitment to an enlightened public discourse, make him an exemplary role model.”

Last January, Khosa was chosen for a prestigious Doctors of BC Award.

He received the Dr Don Rix Award for Physician Leadership. Established in memory of the late Dr Donald Rix, this award recognizes lifetime achievements and exemplary physician leadership so outstanding that it serves as an inspiration and a challenge to the medical profession in British Columbia.