Vancouver mayor vindicated in code of conduct complaint objecting to his condemnation of extremism

VANCOUVER Mayor Kennedy Stewart in a statement on Monday, following an Integrity Commissioner investigation finding no conflict of interest, abuse of power, code of conduct or Charter violation in the matter of him speaking out following reports of extremism within the Board of the Non-Partisan Association, said: “Today’s report clearly and unequivocally found that my actions to speak out following reports of extremism within the Board of the Non-Partisan Association was not an abuse of power, nor a conflict of interest.

“Instead, the 16-page report and accompanying 79 pages of evidence clearly shows that the actions I took were rooted in the understanding that, as Mayor of Vancouver, it is my duty to stand up against hate and speak out in support of all residents of our city.

“This Code of Conduct complaint was a frivolous attempt to muzzle me and my office from standing up for the values of diversity, equality, equity, and respect – values that make Vancouver stronger and help us work together to build a city that works for everyone.

“I am proud to be the Mayor of one of the most diverse cities in the world, but we have a great deal of work ahead of us to make sure our society is one where everyone feels safe and can live free from the impacts of colonialism, systemic racism, and white supremacy that linger to this day. No one and no group will stop me from standing up for our values and against those who seek to undermine them.”