Video shows importance of pedestrians being alert: Delta Police

A pedestrian’s alertness may have saved them from serious injury, as this video shows.

(Delta Police thanked the driver who caught it on their dash cam and turned it in, to help us share the importance of pedestrians being aware of their surroundings).

“The pedestrian left the scene – uninjured thankfully it seems – before police could arrive, but we want to commend them for doing everything right,” said Acting Sgt. Vince Neudorf of the Traffic Unit. “They’re wearing bright clothes, crossing at a marked crosswalk, and waiting for vehicles to stop. Most importantly in this case – the pedestrian was also very alert, and managed to quickly get out of the way when another vehicle slammed into the car that stopped for them.”

The incident happened the afternoon of October 22, in the 9100-block of 116th Street, near Delview Secondary School. The speed limit in the area is 50 km/hr, and there are three crosswalk signs, including an orange sign and a bright yellow school crossing sign.

“Even at low speeds, when a pedestrian is hit these can be very serious or fatal, particularly when children or the elderly are involved,” noted Neudorf.

The driver who stopped for the pedestrian received minor injuries and significant damage to their vehicle.

The offending driver in this instance was charged with “drive without due care” which is a $368 ticket, that comes with six points.