Violence continues to shake up residential areas in Surrey

CONCERNED residents have sent security camera videos to The VOICE showing violent incidents involving several young men, all allegedly South Asian, that reportedly occurred on Saturday evening in a Surrey neighbourhood somewhere on 135A Street.

There seemed to be absolutely no fear of police as they ran around the neighbourhood chasing others and getting in and out of vehicles.
People are demanding to know what the RCMP are doing about this ridiculous state of affairs. “Will some innocent people have to die before police and the provincial government wake up?” they want to know.

Posted by Rattan Voice on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Posted by Rattan Voice on Sunday, April 28, 2019


  1. In my old country not only the young person was held responsible but his parents as well for raising him/her that way.

    • Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you raise them, you are responsible for your own actions not anyone elses. For every action there’s a reaction. They need to learn that. There are always choices and consquences for the choices you make…

  2. more programs for sports like basketball and soccer need to be implemented. sikh boys are strong and fearless, how come we havent excelled in major sports. we have all the physical capabilities but instead choose to take their anger out on our fellow brothers

    we dont have the discipline i guess- or i think it is because of the whole show off culture we punjabis have adopted- we need to have nice cars, nice clothes, big homes- and what can offer that lifestyle quickly than the gangs?

    if you put boys in intense sports training program they will not have time to do these things

    i think the government just taxes us and we have no say where that money goes

  3. Judges aint gonna do sh-t about it the cops wont either its up to them to put the beef in tbe streets to rest and handle it diferently

  4. I grew up in the Delta/Surrey area when people had respect for one another. a time when, if disagreements escalated to a fight, it was settled with your fists – not guns and once one of them was down, the other person would walk away and all was over. Period!
    The conversations/concerns that have overwhelmed the public, political candidates and RCMP, as they try to find the ” Golden ” answer to these ongoing and escalating crimes, in my opinion, have become the problem!
    We are now wasting all our tax moneys and resources trying to fix this problem. ( People! its not OUR problem.)
    The answer, in my opinion, is real simple guys. First off, those that are new to this country and are sponsored should be escorted to the nearest airport with a one way ticket, and that includes the sponsors. For those born here, make them responsible for the costs needed to correct their bad behaviour. And parents… take back control.
    It is a privilege to be given an opportunity to live in this awesome country and I don’t understand why the general public doesn’t just stand up and say so. Why are the criminals running this country
    . If you can’t behave … YOU, can pay the price!
    It’s that simple.

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