Federal Minister of Public Safety commits to orderly transition and cost-sharing in Surrey policing transition (update)

Ralph Goodale

IN a letter to Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, federal Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, has expressed his willingness to cooperate in an orderly policing transition and his commitment to appropriate cost sharing expenses related to the transition, the City of Surrey announced on Tuesday.

“I want to thank Minister Goodale for his timely response as Surrey moves forward in its transition to a city police department,” said McCallum. “As Minister Goodale states in his letter, Public Safety Canada and the RCMP will cooperate to effect an orderly transition once a decision is made by the Solicitor General of BC. It should be noted that Minister Goodale has also committed to cost sharing appropriate expenses that will arise during the transition. With the Federal Minister of Public Safety’s commitment to an orderly transition to a city police service, I now look forward to hearing from the Solicitor General Mike Farnworth with his decision on the creation of a Surrey Police Department.”