Street racing in Pitt Meadows results in impounding of two cars

RIDGE Meadows RCMP impounded two cars after an alleged street racing incident in Pitt Meadows which took place last weekend.

In response to community feedback around speeding and dangerous driving, the Ridge Meadows RCMP’s Road Safety Traffic Team (RSTT) are engaged in enhanced proactive patrols. On Saturday, May 14, an RSTT member was performing an active patrol in an unmarked police car when, at around 8:30 p.m., they observed two vehicles lined up side by side in the 19000-block area of Airport Way in Pitt Meadows. The cars, a 2022 Infiniti Q 50 and a 2021 Audi A4, proceeded at a high rate of speed, driving westbound beside each other on the two-lane road.

Both cars were stopped, the drivers issued violation tickets and the cars impounded for seven days.

“These two drivers were not thinking of anyone but themselves. How would their families feel, or worse yet, the families of an innocent bystander feel, if their reckless driving caused a fatality?” said Cpl. Julie Klaussner.

Police in Pitt Meadows issued 50 traffic violation tickets in March and 116 traffic violation tickets in April.

Klaussner said: “Our traffic members will continue to be throughout the community in both marked and unmarked police cars and we have zero tolerance for this dangerous driving behavior.”